Candleberry Candle Beach Collection~Pink Sugar 26oz

Candleberry Candle Beach Collection~Pink Sugar 26oz

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Enjoy our signature Pink Sugar scent in a beautiful beach-themed jar.

Intoxicating and powerfully graceful, unexpected and highly sought after, Pink Sugar has all the elegance of vanilla yet no vanilla stands out. It's not at all foody and so warm yet boasts of no spice! It’s not a perfume yet perfectly perfume worthy. Mediterranean fig is balanced by spun sugar with a delicate intensity that  you can’t get enough of.  We often refer Pink Sugar as "the ultimate beautiful candle", the smell of pink clouds  or a fragrance of the feel of silk. It’s a true fantasy and once experienced, we think you will never go without it. 

About the product:

Burn Time: 135-155 hours

Wax Info: Soy Blend

Weight: 26 oz

Wicks: Single wick - 100% lead free

Produced: Proudly Made in the USA